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November 15, 2019 / by Scott

Raphael Sirtoli (@raphaels711 / @raphaels7) is the co-founder of the Nutrita App - a low-carb, keto, and carnivore search engine that’s different than any other nutrition app. Raphi is also the founder of the popular nutrition science blog and podcast, Break Nutrition. He has an MSc in Molecular Biology from Staffordshire University where he conducted experiments on the metabolism of breast cancer cells. He’s a PhD candidate studying the metabolism of neuronal cells at the Behavioral & Molecular Lab in Braga, Portugal. Raphi loves open scientific debate, Crossfit, football, hiking and cold water immersion.


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Raphi and I discuss:

  • His fascination with nutrition and science
  • Evolution and evolutionary biology
  • Nutrita app - use discount code CC20 when signing up to get 20% off on a yearly or monthly subscription (valid over 3 months on monthly subscriptions)
  • Cancer research
  • Raphi’s diet
  • Crossfit
  • And much more!

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Written by Scott

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