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Lauren Krauter - Birth Control Issues, Keto/Carnivore Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

March 1, 2022 / by Scott

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Lauren Krauter @loveleon.co is a diet and lifestyle coach who helps people identify and implement life-changing food and wellness strategies so they can live healthier lives. Lauren earned her Bachelor's degree in health sciences and nursing from Purdue university and has experience working in functional medicine, using diet and lifestyle as medicine. She’s shared her experiences and journey with fertility, women’s hormones, carnivorish pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Lauren also owns and operates her photography business, Love, Leon, with her husband and beautifully showcases intimate weddings, elopements, and families.


Email: laurenkrauter@gmail.com


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Robert Sikes - Ketogenic Bodybuilding, A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery

February 22, 2022 / by Scott


Robert Sikes (@ketosavage) is the Keto Savage, Founder of the Keto Brick, and accomplished Keto Bodybuilder. Robert is the author of the new book - Ketogenic Bodybuilding, a Natural Athlete’s Guide to Complete Savagery which is the culmination of his research and experience over the past 7 years of ketogenic natural bodybuilding, earning his pro card, and working with hundreds of clients. Robert hosts the Keto Savage podcast, the popular Keto Savage youtube channel with vlogs, cooking demos, and he also coaches clients through online coaching to improve their health, performance, and body composition.


I had the pleasure of being on the Keto Savage podcast and found Robert to be an exceptional host. It’s one of my favorite podcasts and I love how Robert truly listens to his guests, connects with them, and takes the shows wherever they want to go with the conversations.


Robert has been on the show twice - most recently to talk about Bulking on Keto, Metabolic Flexibility, and Thriving through COVID and Adversity. Check that one out if you missed it!



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Jorgiea Raftopoulos - Raising 13K Sheep Humanely and Sustainably and Lamb Cooking Secrets

February 15, 2022 / by Scott


Jorgiea Raftopoulos (@jorgiea) is a Greek sheep & cattle rancher based in Colorado and co-owner of Two Bar Sheep Co., a multi-generational family business that raises fresh, antibiotic-free, Colorado Lamb. They continue to honor their roots by humanely and sustainably raising Rambouillet-Targhee ewes crossed with Rambouillet and Suffolk rams.



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Beth Lipton & Ashleigh VanHouten - Carnivore–ish

February 8, 2022 / by Scott


Beth Lipton (@cookiepie0402) & Ashleigh VanHouten (@themusclemaven) are the authors of Carnivore-ish: Why More Women Should be Eating More Animal Protein: 125 Protein Rich Recipes to Boost Your Health & Build Muscle


Beth Lipton is a recipe developer, food/wellness writer for Food Network, Clean Eating Magazine and more. Ashleigh is a health coach, podcast host, and author with more than ten years of experience. Her podcast, Muscle Maven Radio, has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times, and she’s interviewed many of the leading minds in exercise and nutrition methodology. She’s the author of It Takes Guts - all about eating nose to tail - what, why, and how.


Ashleigh is a former nationally ranked natural figure competitor, and has competed in powerlifting and CrossFit.



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Dr. Shawn Baker - Building a Meat-Based Carnivore Company and 5-Year Carnivore Learnings

February 1, 2022 / by Scott


Dr. Shawn Baker (@shawnbaker1967) returns to the podcast for a third time! Check out our previous episodes HERE. Shawn is one of the most genuine, friendly, and knowledgeable human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person. He uses his outspoken voice to inspire thousands of people to experiment with and thrive on carnivore. He’s a backflipping, basketball dunking, and massive deadlifting 50+-year old father. Shawn is the co-founder of Revero.com, a platform for people to connect, learn, and grow with the carnivore diet together and is constantly pushing against paradigms while educating the masses. Shawn also hosts a large YouTube channel with 150K+ subscribers with daily uploads including new research, news, practical tips and more.




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Vanessa Spina - Keto/Carnivore Pregnancy, Tone Device for Burning Fat, and Everything Protein!

January 25, 2022 / by Scott


Vanessa Spina (@ketogenicgirl) is the host of ketogenicgirl.com, a popular website loaded with ketogenic resources. Vanessa is returning the podcast for the third time today after her first episode where we discussed what inspired her and why she started Ketogenic Girl, her thoughts on restriction vs. food freedom, fasting, and more! In the second episode we talked about metabolism, cico, chronic dieting, and more. Check out those two episodes if you missed them the first time (HERE and HERE). She also hosts her own podcast, "Fast Keto” and more recently rebranded to the Optimal Protein Podcast where she interviews doctors, researchers, and keto success stories. Vanessa has helped hundreds of people lose weight and regain health through her 28-day challenges and keto meal plans. Finally, she recently had a beautiful baby boy, Luca, and launched the Tone device - is she a superwoman or what?


Vanessa makes tons of helpful, evidence-based content that she shares for free across her YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts, and shares rational perspectives about diets, mindset, body composition, and practical tips as well.



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Manisha Thakor - Overcoming Bipolar 2, Carnivore vs. Carnivore-ish, Net vs. Total Carbs, Managing a Stressful Career

January 18, 2022 / by Scott


Manisha Thakor (@manishathakor) is a carnivore and the founder of MoneyZen, a joy-based approach to personal finance. She's a financial literacy advocate for women with over 25 years in the financial services industry and an author, educator, speaker, spokesperson. Go to her site to take a "How WELL(thy) are You? quiz that can help you understand where you on the spectrum of financial health & emotional wealth.

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Barton Scott - How Poor Nutrient Absorption Is Creating Deficiencies and What You Can Do

January 11, 2022 / by Scott


Barton Scott (@askbarton), is a biochemist, and has used this background along with being a nutritionist, and a researcher and for the last 6 years, Barton has also been the Founder of Upgraded Formulas. Barton is passionate about helping people combat the stressors of daily life, the toxicity of the modern world, the utter lack of nutrients, and the mineral and other nutrient absorption issues that we all face, and he has made it his mission to reduce suffering by increasing the public’s understanding of the human body’s interrelationships in these areas. Upgraded Formulas also supports Charitywater.org in the great work they do.


Barton is offering a special discount for listeners on all Upgraded Formulas products. Use code "carnivorecast15" to save.



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Q&A - Top Lessons from Over 50 Guests in 2021, When You're Fasting too Much, When to Add Calories

January 4, 2022 / by Scott

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In this special episode of Carnivore Cast, I answer your top questions including what are my top lessons from guests in 2021, goals for 2022, when to know when you're fasting too much, when to add calories, how to incorporate carnivore with bodybuilding, and more!


Let me know what you think of these Q&A style episodes - do you like them? Should I do more? What would you change for next time?


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Jake Thomas - Marine, Marathons, Bodybuilding, and Raw Carnivore

December 28, 2021 / by Scott


Jake Thomas (@lifelikejake) is a raw carnivore, lifelong athlete, Marine, and once world’s top natural bodybuilder in men's physique. He had been a vegan and vegetarian in the past, keto, Mediterranean, paleo…actually competed as a vegan bodybuilder too. Today he's Carnivore/Sapien diet practitioner since June 2020 with no plan of ever going back, eating mostly raw.

Jake has some amazing athletic feats including weekly half marathons, open mile swims, and full marathons all on carnivore!


Looking for the best beef for carnivores at a great price? Check out the incredible boxes from Colorado Craft Beef (the Steak Lover's box is my personal favorite!) and use code CCAST to save $ and support the show. They're a 5th-generation family-owned operation that offers Dry-Aged, Grass-Fed, Craft Beef at great prices and delivers nationwide. I personally eat their meat every single day and love the rich, delicious taste of their fattier cutsperfect for carnivores looking for extra fat and high-quality meat.


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