Nikki Crendal - Bio Energetics Expert on Carnivore for Autoimmune Issues and Being a Top Athlete

March 15, 2022 / by Scott

Nikki Crendal (@bio.chem.carnivore) is a dietetics student in Australia studying at the University of Newcastle, in New South Wales. She has been using a carnivore diet to help heal her autoimmune disease and is constantly studying all the latest research related to nutrition, metabolism, exercise physiology, and posting about it on her awesome Instagram page as a self-described bioenergetics nerd! She is an expert in helping athletes transition onto low-carbohydrate diets, choose correct protein intake amounts, and fix auto-immune issues, including leaky gut. Nikki loves lifting weights, taking cold baths, and sharing her knowledge online!


Nikki Crendal


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Written by Scott

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