Don Matesz - The Hypercarnivore Diet

May 24, 2019 / by Scott

Don Matesz (@DonMatesz) is the author of the Hypercarnivore Diet book with the subtitle Eat Meat, Get Healthy. Plants Optional. He’s also the founder of Full Range Strength, a blog and YouTube channel on using bodyweight and band-resisted exercise to build strength and muscle with minimal time and financial investment.

Don switched to a hypercarnivore diet in mid-2017 after decades of practicing and authoring books on plant-based diets to relieve his psoriasis and eczema. He’s also improved his skin, digestive health, and body composition dramatically.

The Hypercarnivore Diet is one of – if not the – best book written on the carnivore diet and goes in-depth on many important topics such as micronutrients, sustainable sourcing, common myths and much more.


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Don and I discuss:

  • The Hypercarnivore Diet defined
  • Switching from a plant-based diet
  • Success with carnivore
  • Potential downsides to carnivore
  • Research
  • Organs
  • Calcium from egg-shells / other
  • Collagen or glycine and methionine ratios
  • Sodium to potassium ratios
  • Dairy and milk
  • Raw vs. cooked meat
  • Fasting and fasted training
  • Bodyweight, minimalist training
  • Fat vs. protein intake
  • And much more!


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Written by Scott

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