013: Andrew Graf - Being a Role Model, Plant Chemical Warfare, and Raw Carnivore

October 5, 2018 / by Scott

Andrew Graf (@CarnivoreAntMan) is an entomologist (study of insects and plants) and has lost over 110 pounds, cured a variety of chronic conditions including depression, reducing eczema, GI issues, joint & nerve pain, dental decay, and fatigue all with a carnivore diet while greatly improving his quality of life.

Andrew Graf is an Entomologist and eats a raw carnivore zero carb diet

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Andrew and I touch on:

  • His health history and relationship with food
  • Being a by-the-book vegan
  • Mental health benefits of carnivore and overcoming emotional eating, anxiety, and depression
  • First benefits of going carnivore
  • Being a role model and responsible for others
  • Plant chemical warfare and dangers of plants
  • How entomology supports a carnivore diet
  • Andrew’s choice to eat raw meat
  • Electrolytes on carnivore (different than kept)
  • And more!


Where to find Andrew:

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Written by Scott

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