Podcast Episodes

Sarah Kleiner - Carnivore Yogi, Former Vegan, Autism Mother

Robin Switzer - KetoCon, Carnivore, and More!

Debbie Wagner - Fat Fueled at 50 and Beating Bulimia

Healthy with Nicole Carter - Healing Over a Decade of Vegan Damage with Carnivore and Helping Others

Chris Irvin - The Ketologist - Keto Answers and Helping the Masses Adopt Keto

Ben Phelps - PrimalBro - Building A Family and Deep Friendships through Keto/Carnivore and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Sally Norton, MPH - Oxalates, the Hidden Plant Toxins in Many Keto Foods

Danny Vega - Building Muscle on Carnivore/Keto and Philosophy

Solocast - Too Much Sodium? +My Recent Experiments

Strong Sistas - Ashley and Sarah - Optimizing Carnivore with Humor and Science

Nicholas Andre & Nathan Owens - Root Causing Health and Heart Disease

Danielle Lloyd - Carnivore Couple for Body Composition, Arthritis, Mood, and Simplicity

Dr. Stephen Hussey - Managing Type 1 Diabetes Preventing Heart Attacks with a Meat-Heavy Carnivore Diet

Carrie Brown - Overcoming Bipolar / Depression, from Pastry Chef to Carnivore

Judy Cho - Nutrition Expert, Digestion / Gut Health on Carnivore, Feeding Kids Keto

Vanessa Spina - Fast Keto / Ketogenic Girl

Vinnie Tortorich - The FAT Documentary

Paul Saladino - Higher Fat Carnivore, Food Poisoning, Electrolytes, and SIBO

William Shewfelt - Helping Everyone Get Lean and Strong through Carnivore

Caitlin Weeks - Grass Fed Girl on Managing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis through Carnivore

Jake Centra - Making Diet and Exercise Dead Simple to Get Jacked and Healthy

Josh Blackburn - Eating Keto (Higher Fat) Animal Foods for Better Physical and Mental Health

Don Matesz - The Hypercarnivore Diet

Tristan Haggard - Vegan to Nose-to-Tail Carnivore and Changing the World

Matthew Crews - Overcoming Addiction through Carnivore

Dr. Georgia Ede - Plant Toxins and the Carnivore Diet for Mental Health

Laura and Chris Spath - Supporting Each Other to Lose 250 Pounds Combined on Carnivore

Weight Loss, Nose-to-Tail, and My Recent Experiments

Edmon Shahikian - 22 Year Carnivore Veteran and Lessons Learned

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Jeremy Hannan - Food Should Be Simple, Holding on to Your Why, and Experimenting

The Carnivore Bar - Phillip Meece

Dr. Paul Saladino - Insulin and mTOR Myths, Glycine and Methionine Balance, Optimizing Carnivore

Ash Simmonds - Decades on “Zero Carb”, High Steaks, Carnivores Creed, and Tearing Down Nutritional Dogma

My Takeaways from the Boulder Carnivore Conference

Mark Bell - War on Carbs and His Carnivore Experiment Takeaways

Michael Goldstein - Bitcoin Carnivory and JustMeat.co

Chris Bell - Overcoming Pain and Addiction, Getting Jacked and Tan through Carnivore

Christopher Sontag - Carnivore Barber Losing 125+ Lbs

Dr. Brianna Stubbs - Ketone Metabolism

Alex Danes - Hunger and Nutrition Myths

Craig Emmerich - Nutrient Density of Meat and Managing Lyme

Corporate Warrior Interviews Me!

Mark Strough - Meat Heals Arthritis and High Intensity Training

Brett Lloyd - Curing Major Depression and Never Giving Up

Chris Kruger - Beasting, Feasting, Fasting

Week of Burger Only (WOBO) - Jan 2019

Dr. Nevada Gray - The Paleo Pharmacist Relieving PCOS and Cauda Equina with Carnivore and Resilience

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon - Muscle-Centric Medicine and Muscle Protein Synthesis

023: Phil Escott - Reversing Arthritis through 100% Carnivore and Beyond

World Carnivore Month January 2019

022: Dr. Ken Berry - Lies My Doctor Told Me and Carnivore

021: Peter Ballerstedt - Dispelling Meat Sustainability Myths

020: Danny Vega - Keto Counterculture / Fat Fueled Family

Q&A Solocast - Best Carnivore Foods, Cutting Weight, Sports, Nutrients

019: Lisa Bailey - Former Vegetarian Restoring Her Health and Her Family’s Health

018: Daniel Wiseman (@SteakandIron) - Breaking Down Nutrition Myths and Dogma

017: Dr. Shawn Baker - The Modern Carnivore Movement and What We Can All Do

016: Siobhan Huggins - Deep Dive on Cholesterol and Lipidology

015: Pamela Kenney - Truly Sustainable Carnivore Lifestyle, Meat Myths, and Relationships with Food

014: L. Amber O’Hearn - Zero Carb Veteran, Carnivore and Ketosis, Diving Deep

013: Andrew Graf - Being a Role Model, Plant Chemical Warfare, and Raw Carnivore

012: Chris Irvin, The Ketologist - Optimizing Body Recomposition with Carnivore Keto

011: Chris Donohue - Losing 210+ Lbs, Reversing Diabetes and Diverticulitis, Carnivore Keto Coach

010: Brian Sanders - Food Lies Movie, Meat Sustainability, Bioavailability of Plants vs. Meat

009: Dr. Bret Scher - Low Carb Cardiologist on Carnivore and Complexities of our Health System

008: Sylvia Tabor - Carnivore for Women, Biohacking Experiments, and Turning Her Health Around

007: Frank Tufano - Nutrient Density, Optimizing Carnivore, and Lessons Learned from 5 Years

006: Amy Berger - Gender Bias and Meat, Simplifying Low Carb, and Alzheimer's

005: KetOMAD Mike Davis - Self-Experimentation, Losing 25% Bodyweight, and Citizen Journalism

004: Travis Statham - Carnivore Freedom, Bringing Truth to the Masses, and Bad Science

003: Doug Wright - Losing 150 Pounds, Problems with Caloric Restriction, and Going Mainstream

002: Dr. Kevin Stock - Carnivore for Building Muscle, Dangers of Plants, Sleep, and Optimization

001: William Shewfelt - From Struggling Vegan to Thriving 4% Bodyfat Carnivore and Superhero

000: Intro to The Carnivore Cast, What to Expect, and How YOU Can Get Involved

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