Podcast Episodes

Dan Smart - Combining Carnivore, Calisthenics, and Common Sense to Find Your Best Health and Mental State

Danny Vega - Unexplainable Adventures: The Power of Influence

Laura - Living a Wholistic and Optimal Life with Carnivore, Healing Asthma, Allergies, and Gut

Battista Locatelli Pt 2 - Joyful Carnivore, Stabilizing Mental Health and Addiction, TRT, and More!

Dani Conway - 15+ Years of Keto/Carnivore Wisdom to Optimize Health, Fitness, and Mindset

Lillie Kane - How to Date Someone Who Isn’t Carnivore and Making Awesome YouTube Content

Linda Salant, @thecarnitarian - 6+ Years Carnivore - Why You Need to STOP Focusing on the Scale and How

Battista Locatelli - Losing over 100 lbs, Beating Meth and Heroin Addictions, and the Most Incredible Story

Justin G - Carnivore for Beating Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction Management

Coach Lulu - Overcoming 20 Years of Bulimia, OCD, and Anxiety with Carnivore

Matt Gallant - BiOptimizers, Biohacking Digestion, Cyclical Keto, kApex, Physique Transformation

Laura Spath - Mental Requirements for Losing Hundreds of Pounds, Fasting, Protein vs. Fat

Eric Reynolds - Former Police Officer Overcoming PTSD, Educating Yourself, Coaching Others

Bella Steak and Butter Gal - Beef Only and Fasting, Healing Amenorrhea, Secret Fatty Steaks

Jimmy Moore - 17 Years of Low Carb / Keto Expertise, Fasting, Protein vs. Fat Debate

Jeff Smith - Cattle Ranching Expert on Sustainability, Policy, the Future, and What You Can Do

Bronson Dant Interviews Me! (Carnivore, Protein, Exercise, TRT, more)

Ashley Noelle - Overcoming Child Abuse PTSD, IBS, Acne, and Energy from Vegan to Carnivore

Jeff Smith - Veteran Cattle Rancher Deep Dives on Cattle Raising and Finishing

Shift with CJ Interviews Me (Carnivore, Carbs, TRT, and more)

Mike McCain - Beating Addiction and Losing 110 Lbs through Carnivore

Carnivore Crisps - Anya and Hans Hippert

Raymond Nazon - Down 82 Lbs, Featured in Men's Health, Carnivore and Fasting

James Breakwell - Exploding Unicorn, Carnivore Comedian

Bronson Dant - Apex Training System and Freedom through Fitness

Janice Lum - Recovering Vegetarian, Overcoming Debilitating Mental Illness to Confident Carnivore

Cristy Code Red - Helping Thousands of People Lose 10% of Body Weight in a Month

Carnivore Cassie - Down 212 Lbs and Beating Obesity, IBS, Chronic Pain, and More

Carnivorous Chef - From 410 to 280 Lbs and Mental Stability on Keto and Carnivore

João Franco - Over 3 Years Carnivore, Self-Experimentation and Conquering IBS, Depression, Chronic Hunger

Bella - The Steak & Butter Gal - Carnivore Egg Pudding, Why Starting Carnivore Can be Hard, Embracing Fat and NOT Tracking Macros

Robb Wolf - Cows and Food Systems Over Abs, Grass vs. Grain Finished Beef, Vegan Diets in the Media

Lady Jacie Carnivory - @ladycarnivory - Bikini Competitor, Making Carnivore Simpler, Embracing Difficulty

Matteo Franceschetti - Improving Your Sleep and Which Sleep Tips Actually Matter

James Barry - Tom Cruise's Private Chef, From Vegan Chef to Carnivore and Pluck Founder

Andrew Sillitoe - Pro Roller Hockey Player on Overcoming Gout

Darryl Bosshardt - Salt Expert - Everything You Want to Know about Salt

Elizabeth Stern - 3 Years Carnivore, Off Meds and Down 50 Lbs, No More Carnivore Dogma

Brett Lloyd - Carnivore for Mental Health, Beating Major Depression for Himself and Others

Dr. Angela Stanton - Migraine Relief, Everything You Need to Know About Electrolytes, Keto/Glucose Brain Metabolism

Sarah Kleiner - High Fat Carnivore, Microbiome, and Female Hormones

Dr. Al Danenberg - Beating a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis with Ancestral Nutrition & Lifestyle

Rich Northrop - Building a Carnivore Community, IBS, Electrolytes, Histamines, and more!

Rebekah Farmer - @tailoredketohealth - Beating Trauma, Making Gains in all Aspects of Life, and Getting Shredded with a Carnivore Diet (World Carnivore Month)

Vivica Menegaz - The Essential Carnivore Diet Cookbook, Carnivore for Menopause (World Carnivore Month)

Sally Norton, MPH - Oxalate Deep Dive and Hidden Toxins in Common Keto Foods, Autoimmunity (World Carnivore Month)

Kelly Hogan - 11-Year Carnivore Gives Tips for Veteran Carnivores and Beginners Alike (World Carnivore Month)

Colin Stuckert - Being a Better Human and Resilient, Taking Action for Yourself, and Wild Foods

Dr. Ted Naiman - What to Do After Carnivore, Carbs vs. Fat, Simplifying Health and Optimal Body Composition

Tim Marr - Beating Cancer, Running Ultramarathons, and Staying Resilient

Michelle Hurn - Carnivore, Dietitian's Dilemma, and Ultramarathons

Marty Kendall - Big Fat Keto Lies and Optimizing Nutrition for Fat Loss

Casey Ruff - Metabolic Testing, Carnivore/Keto for Metabolism, and Boundless Body

Judy Cho - The Carnivore Cure

Ashley Stevenson - Overcoming Disordered Eating, Keto Pregnancy and Losing 60+ Lbs on Keto Carnivore

Stephen Stern - 70 Year Old Carnivore on a Lifetime of Diets and It's Never Too Late

Marisa Rackson - MY CARNIVORE WIFE!!! - Carnivore for IBS/IBD and Body Recomposition

Kara‌ ‌Collier‌ ‌-‌ ‌NutriSense‌ ‌Director‌ ‌of‌ ‌Nutrition‌ ‌on‌ ‌What‌ ‌Tracking‌ ‌Blood‌ ‌Glucose‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Teach‌ ‌Us‌ ‌

Vanessa Spina - CICO and Metabolism, Limits of Carnivore and Keto, Solving Chronic Dieting

Austin Cavelli - Carnivore PA on Solving Gut Issues and Beating Cravings on Carnivore and More!

Anya Fernald - CEO / Co-founder of Belcampo, the Largest Regenerative Farm in the US

Dr. John Jaquish - X3 Bar Founder on Myths and Dogma in the Fitness Industry

Mark Bell - Takeaways from Carnivore 100, Cycling Diets, Protein Leveraging, Stoicism

Dr. Paul Saladino - Metabolic Flexibility, Animal-Based Diets with Carbs, and much more!

Andrew Zaragoza - Co-Hosting Mark Bell’s Power Project and Reinventing Yourself

Robert Sikes - Bulking on Keto, Metabolic Flexibility, and Thriving through COVID and Adversity

Zach Moore - Elite Trainer of Bodybuilders and Powerlifters and Aspiring Regenerative Rancher

Dr. Shawn Baker - Kickstarting Carnivore Science, Protein, Fat and Glucose Experiments and Metabolism

Nsima Inyang - Co-Host of Mark Bells’ Power Project, Top 5 World Bodybuilder, Top 2 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete

Dr.‌ ‌Lisa‌ ‌Wiedeman‌ ‌-‌ ‌11‌ ‌Year‌ ‌Carnivore‌ ‌Veteran,‌ ‌Optometric‌ ‌Physician‌ ‌

William Shewfelt - Carnivore Experiments and Monthly Challenges

Ron Joyce - Joyce Farms and Regenerative Agriculture

Andy Mant - BLUblox Founder on Problems with Blue Light Exposure and How to Fix Your Circadian Rhythms

Glenn Elzinga - Alderspring Ranch on Wild Rangeland, Happy Cows, and Saving His Life with Carnivore

Ellie Rome - @mindfulbellie - Don't Eat Your Feelings / Stoping Bingeing and Feeling Great About Your Body

Jeff and Kara Smith - Colorado Craft Beef and What It’s Like to Be a Modern Day Cattle Rancher

Dr. Kevin Stock Returns - Carbs and Protein Effects on Carnivore, Experiments, and Being a Well-Rounded Person

Amber Wentworth - @LoneStarKetoGirl - Down 100+ Lbs and Transforming Her Life with Keto and Carnivore

Grace Wang (@ms.grace) - Getting in the Best Shape of Her Life and Overcoming Binge Eating

Cody Zulfer - @goatfit_nutrition - Carnivorous Chef Down 80+ Pounds

The Human Unleashed Project - Phil Escott, Dr. Jeremy Ayres, Graeme Norbury, and Ben Hunt

Theo Wattam - Optimal Body Nutrition

Rebekah Farmer - Overcoming chronic pain, severe autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, chronic Lyme, and chronic CDiff

Linda Salant, @thecarnitarian - 5 Year Carnivore Sharing Her Expert Wisdom on Beating PCOS, Anxiety, Migraines, Edema

Carnivore Snax Launching April 22nd! - Sylvia Tabor and Mark Ritz

Eugene Trufkin - How to Buy the Best Quality Food and Beat Grocery Store Labels

JT Returns - Jerry Teixeira - Training and Nutrition at Home During COVID

Lee Bowling - Overcoming Extreme IBS and Borderline Crohn's Disease

Will Harris - White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Karnivore Kurt - The Carnivore Diet: An Ancestral Reset to Optimal Human Health

Daria Deptula - Former Miss Fit Vegan Goes Carnivore

Kristin Barishian - Keto / Carnivore Marathoner

Fisher Neal, The Hunting Actor - All About Hunting

Krissy and Dwayne Shofield - From Vegan Registered Dietician to Carnivore and Seeking Health

Kait Malthaner - Carnivore/Keto Health Coach

Ella Bruce - Carnivore Bodybuilding, Very High Protein, and Energy Density vs. Intake

Dan Quibell - The Bacon Experiment

Hadi Doumit - The Carnivore Chef Loses 235 Lbs on Carnivore

Dr. Hana Lei Roberts - Carnivore(ish) Pregnancy and Healing Patients

Yecca Aaron - Eat Meat Queen - Carnivore Coach and Master Recipe Expert

Craig Emmerich - The Carnivore Cookbook with Maria Emmerich

Kelly Hogan - 10+ Year Carnivore Veteran

Karnivore Kurt - Healing Gut and Anxiety Issues with Carnivore and Dr. Paul Saladino

JT - Jerry Teixeira - Bodyweight Strength and Carnivore Clothing Co

Robert Sikes - Keto Savage, Founder of Keto Brick, Keto Bodybuilder

Judy Cho - Carnivore 75 Hard into the New Year!

Cory Conklin - Creative Keto Cook and Carnivore Entrepreneur Taking Control of His Life

Raphael Sirtoli - Break Nutrition and Nutrita App

Lawrence Neal - Founder of High Intensity Business on High Intensity Training and Carnivore

David DJ Webb - Bodybuilder and Powerlifter on Male Body Dysmorphia and Bulimia

My High Carb Experiment - Why, How, and What Happened

Sarah Kleiner - Carnivore Yogi, Former Vegan, Autism Mother

Robin Switzer - KetoCon, Carnivore, and More!

Debbie Wagner - Fat Fueled at 50 and Beating Bulimia

Healthy with Nicole Carter - Healing Over a Decade of Vegan Damage with Carnivore and Helping Others

Chris Irvin - The Ketologist - Keto Answers and Helping the Masses Adopt Keto

Ben Phelps - PrimalBro - Building A Family and Deep Friendships through Keto/Carnivore and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Sally Norton, MPH - Oxalates, the Hidden Plant Toxins in Many Keto Foods

Danny Vega - Building Muscle on Carnivore/Keto and Philosophy

Solocast - Too Much Sodium? +My Recent Experiments

Strong Sistas - Ashley and Sarah - Optimizing Carnivore with Humor and Science

Nicholas Andre & Nathan Owens - Root Causing Health and Heart Disease

Danielle Lloyd - Carnivore Couple for Body Composition, Arthritis, Mood, and Simplicity

Dr. Stephen Hussey - Managing Type 1 Diabetes Preventing Heart Attacks with a Meat-Heavy Carnivore Diet

Carrie Brown - Overcoming Bipolar / Depression, from Pastry Chef to Carnivore

Judy Cho - Nutrition Expert, Digestion / Gut Health on Carnivore, Feeding Kids Keto

Vanessa Spina - Fast Keto / Ketogenic Girl

Vinnie Tortorich - The FAT Documentary

Paul Saladino - Higher Fat Carnivore, Food Poisoning, Electrolytes, and SIBO

William Shewfelt - Helping Everyone Get Lean and Strong through Carnivore

Caitlin Weeks - Grass Fed Girl on Managing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis through Carnivore

Jake Centra - Making Diet and Exercise Dead Simple to Get Jacked and Healthy

Josh Blackburn - Eating Keto (Higher Fat) Animal Foods for Better Physical and Mental Health

Don Matesz - The Hypercarnivore Diet

Tristan Haggard - Vegan to Nose-to-Tail Carnivore and Changing the World

Matthew Crews - Overcoming Addiction through Carnivore

Dr. Georgia Ede - Plant Toxins and the Carnivore Diet for Mental Health

Laura and Chris Spath - Supporting Each Other to Lose 250 Pounds Combined on Carnivore

Weight Loss, Nose-to-Tail, and My Recent Experiments

Edmon Shahikian - 22 Year Carnivore Veteran and Lessons Learned

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Jeremy Hannan - Food Should Be Simple, Holding on to Your Why, and Experimenting

The Carnivore Bar - Phillip Meece

Dr. Paul Saladino - Insulin and mTOR Myths, Glycine and Methionine Balance, Optimizing Carnivore

Ash Simmonds - Decades on “Zero Carb”, High Steaks, Carnivores Creed, and Tearing Down Nutritional Dogma

My Takeaways from the Boulder Carnivore Conference

Mark Bell - War on Carbs and His Carnivore Experiment Takeaways

Michael Goldstein - Bitcoin Carnivory and JustMeat.co

Chris Bell - Overcoming Pain and Addiction, Getting Jacked and Tan through Carnivore

Christopher Sontag - Carnivore Barber Losing 125+ Lbs

Dr. Brianna Stubbs - Ketone Metabolism

Alex Danes - Hunger and Nutrition Myths

Craig Emmerich - Nutrient Density of Meat and Managing Lyme

Corporate Warrior Interviews Me!

Mark Strough - Meat Heals Arthritis and High Intensity Training

Brett Lloyd - Curing Major Depression and Never Giving Up

Chris Kruger - Beasting, Feasting, Fasting

Week of Burger Only (WOBO) - Jan 2019

Dr. Nevada Gray - The Paleo Pharmacist Relieving PCOS and Cauda Equina with Carnivore and Resilience

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon - Muscle-Centric Medicine and Muscle Protein Synthesis

023: Phil Escott - Reversing Arthritis through 100% Carnivore and Beyond

World Carnivore Month January 2019

022: Dr. Ken Berry - Lies My Doctor Told Me and Carnivore

021: Peter Ballerstedt - Dispelling Meat Sustainability Myths

020: Danny Vega - Keto Counterculture / Fat Fueled Family

Q&A Solocast - Best Carnivore Foods, Cutting Weight, Sports, Nutrients

019: Lisa Bailey - Former Vegetarian Restoring Her Health and Her Family’s Health

018: Daniel Wiseman (@SteakandIron) - Breaking Down Nutrition Myths and Dogma

017: Dr. Shawn Baker - The Modern Carnivore Movement and What We Can All Do

016: Siobhan Huggins - Deep Dive on Cholesterol and Lipidology

015: Pamela Kenney - Truly Sustainable Carnivore Lifestyle, Meat Myths, and Relationships with Food

014: L. Amber O’Hearn - Zero Carb Veteran, Carnivore and Ketosis, Diving Deep

013: Andrew Graf - Being a Role Model, Plant Chemical Warfare, and Raw Carnivore

012: Chris Irvin, The Ketologist - Optimizing Body Recomposition with Carnivore Keto

011: Chris Donohue - Losing 210+ Lbs, Reversing Diabetes and Diverticulitis, Carnivore Keto Coach

010: Brian Sanders - Food Lies Movie, Meat Sustainability, Bioavailability of Plants vs. Meat

009: Dr. Bret Scher - Low Carb Cardiologist on Carnivore and Complexities of our Health System

008: Sylvia Tabor - Carnivore for Women, Biohacking Experiments, and Turning Her Health Around

007: Frank Tufano - Nutrient Density, Optimizing Carnivore, and Lessons Learned from 5 Years

006: Amy Berger - Gender Bias and Meat, Simplifying Low Carb, and Alzheimer's

005: KetOMAD Mike Davis - Self-Experimentation, Losing 25% Bodyweight, and Citizen Journalism

004: Travis Statham - Carnivore Freedom, Bringing Truth to the Masses, and Bad Science

003: Doug Wright - Losing 150 Pounds, Problems with Caloric Restriction, and Going Mainstream

002: Dr. Kevin Stock - Carnivore for Building Muscle, Dangers of Plants, Sleep, and Optimization

001: William Shewfelt - From Struggling Vegan to Thriving 4% Bodyfat Carnivore and Superhero

000: Intro to The Carnivore Cast, What to Expect, and How YOU Can Get Involved

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