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Don Matesz - The Hypercarnivore Diet

May 24, 2019 / by Scott

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Don Matesz (@DonMatesz) is the author of the Hypercarnivore Diet book with the subtitle Eat Meat, Get Healthy. Plants Optional. He’s also the founder of Full Range Strength, a blog and YouTube channel on using bodyweight and band-resisted exercise to build strength and muscle with minimal time and financial investment.

Don switched to a hypercarnivore diet in mid-2017 after decades of practicing and authoring books on plant-based diets to relieve his psoriasis and eczema. He’s also improved his skin, digestive health, and body composition dramatically.

The Hypercarnivore Diet is one of – if not the – best book written on the carnivore diet and goes in-depth on many important topics such as micronutrients, sustainable sourcing, common myths and much more.



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Tristan Haggard - Vegan to Nose-to-Tail Carnivore and Changing the World

May 17, 2019 / by Scott


Tristan Haggard (@PrimalEdgeHealth) along with his wife Jessica run Primal Edge Health, the popular brand, blog, and YouTube channel focused on changing lives through animal-based nutrition. After trying veganism and watching their health suffer, Tristan and his wife became dedicated to helping others using ketogenic and carnivore lifestyles. They’ve since published multiple awesome cookbooks, shared tons of information, recipes, and research on social media, created tons of podcasts, and they host a monthly Keto & Carnivore collective.

Most recently Jessica created The Carnivore Cookbookzero carb recipes for people who really love animals – which I got a copy of and absolutely love! Use code "YES2MEAT" to save $5


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Matthew Crews - Overcoming Addiction through Carnivore

May 9, 2019 / by Scott


Matthew Crews (@CarnivoreCrews) has used the carnivore diet over the past year or so to overcome immense struggles with pornography, food, and alcohol addiction. Matthew is incredibly brave to have shared his story recently on the Low Carb MD podcast and on his blog, CarnivoreCrews.com, to inspire others battling addiction. Matthew has transformed his physical appearance, mental well-being, and relationships through his relentless determination, self-examination, and animal-based diet.


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Dr. Georgia Ede - Plant Toxins and the Carnivore Diet for Mental Health

May 3, 2019 / by Scott

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Dr. Georgia Ede (@GeorgiaEdeMD) is a Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist specializing in nutrition-focused counseling. She’s a regular writer for Psychology Today, DietDoctor.com, as well as her incredibly helpful blog Diagnosis: Diet.

Georgia is well-known in the carnivore community for her excellent work on articles and lectures on plant toxins and implications for mental health, as well as other topics.


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Laura and Chris Spath - Supporting Each Other to Lose 250 Pounds Combined on Carnivore

April 25, 2019 / by Scott


Laura (@LauraESpath) and Chris Spath (@ChrisJSpath) are a wife and husband who have lost a combined 250 pounds in a little over a year on the carnivore diet. After trying crash diets and fad diets for years, they found sustainability through eating just meat and also resolved a variety of other health issues.



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Weight Loss, Nose-to-Tail, and My Recent Experiments

April 18, 2019 / by Scott


This episode will be a little different than the normal interviews with doctors, researchers, zero carb veterans, and real people changing their lives on carnivore – this is will be a solocast where I cover my latest diet, experiments, and thinking on carnivore topics such as weight loss, nose-to-tail carnivore, and more.



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Edmon Shahikian - 22 Year Carnivore Veteran and Lessons Learned

April 13, 2019 / by Scott

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Edmon Shahikian is a civil engineer, 22 year carnivore veteran, and moderator of the zero carb subreddit. His reddit username is RonSwansoneer. Edmon has lost over 100 lbs on a carnivore diet and improved his mental health and clarity.



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Now on Patreon! Please consider supporting the show and becoming a member

April 8, 2019 / by Scott


TL;DR: If this show has helped you in any way, please consider supporting me on Patreon at patreon.com/carnivorecast so we can reach more people with positive information about health and the carnivore diet!

Story time:

It’s hard to believe that 8 months ago I started the Carnivore Cast with the intention of making a couple episodes 🎥🥩


Since then I’ve been overwhelmed by the support, generosity, and friendliness I’ve received from guests, fans, and other podcasters to propel me to place where I’m putting out an episode a week, reaching thousands of people, and helping them to examine their health and nutrition for the better 🧠👏


I have historically and continue to be ad-free and collected zero revenue (even though some of you have generously asked how you can give), but several conversations with friends and mentors have made me realize that to take this to the next level, fight false nutrition information, and help as many people as possible with a carnivore diet, I need help, specifically funding. 🙏😁


For that reason I’ve decided to incorporate and launch a Patreon page. If this podcast has helped you in any way, please consider supporting us and our growth  through a donation 👏🥓


Running a podcast is far from free, and beyond covering costs your support will help me scale it even more, improve the quality and quantity of content, and deliver more value to you in new and exciting ways 🤩🧠



THANK YOU for listening and being a fan, regardless of whether you choose to donate. I’m grateful for the privilege of making a show that people listen to and I will never take that for granted 👏☝️❤️

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Jeremy Hannan - Food Should Be Simple, Holding on to Your Why, and Experimenting

April 6, 2019 / by Scott


Jeremy Hannan (@bionicsloth) has been a carnivore for almost a year improving several aspects of his health including his weight (he lost over 30 lbs in 100 days), sleep, skin, mood, and much more. Jeremy was initially quite skeptical of the carnivore diet and searched diligently to find research to disprove it, but the scientific facts he uncovered supported it, so he gave it a try.



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The Carnivore Bar - Phillip Meece

March 31, 2019 / by Scott


Phillip Meece (@TheCarnivoreBar) is the creator of The Carnivore Bar, A Zero Carb High Fat Meat Bar, along with his wife Merry Ellen.


I first had a chance to try The Carnivore Bar at the Boulder Carnivore Conference and I loved it. Phillip is not sponsoring the show and I don’t get any money for this. I’m just a huge fan of a high integrity entrepreneur creating an awesome product for the carnivore community!


Phillip is a former combat medic, having served in Afghanistan in 2011. He was inspired by the horrific nutrition from the soldiers he cared for and that he sees now everywhere as a civilian.


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